Feed Ram Refurbishment Program


Feed Ram Refurbishment Program (FRRP) is divided into two service types.

Service #1: Feed Ram Sled Refurbishment - A flat fee will cover the initial
evaluation/inspection, cleaning, replacement, and painting of the following:

  • Structural Frame – Minor repair to any structural members accordingly.
  • Impact Plates – Replace Impact Plates and hardware.
  • Side Wear Plates – Replace Side Wear Plates and hardware.



Service #2: Complete Feed Ram Assembly Refurbishment - A flat fee will cover everything
identified in Service #1, the replacement of Guide Roller and Frame, Support Rollers, & Break
Plates (Shark Fins), plus, cleaning, evaluation/inspection of cast steel components.





The replacement cost of cast steel elements and necessary installation hardware is NOT
included in the flat fee. Any cast steel components needing replacement will be specified in our
inspection report form, which will be provided, along with a formal quote before replacing said

Prerequisites for Feed Rams to qualify for the Feed Ram Refurbishment Program are as follows:

  • Initial inspection done by facility personnel.
  • Frame in moderate condition (condition to be determined during initial picture review).
  • Pictures from the site before shipment are provided to MET.



  1. All Feed Rams to be refurbished to Martin GMBH Specifications
  2. Transportation to and from the warehouse is covered by the facility.
  3. If the sled(s) need substantial structural repair, a quotation for the additional work will be provided prior to work being done.