SPG Boiler Cleaning Technology – rent-to-buy agreement signed with Covanta SEMASS


Martin Environmental Technologies, LP announced that they have received an order to supply the Covanta SEMASS Facility with the Explosion Power Shock Pulse Generator (SPG) online boiler cleaning system for a six-month rental-to-buy trial period to prove the effectiveness of the system. This technology belongs to Explosion Power, which is part of Martin's group, with a focus on Boiler Cleaning technologies development and manufacturing. The company has more than 14 years of experience in this area and 1000 units delivered worldwide.

This will be the first installation of Explosion Power's latest SPGr system for the Waste-to-Energy industry in the United States and North America. This test will demonstrate the benefits of this technology through the reduction of boiler downtime for cleaning and soot blower maintenance costs resulting in a path for additional opportunities in the US.