We present: the N53 Protect.


MARTIN has developed a new product, which we would like to present to you today: the MARTIN N53 Protect grate bar.

We are observing a trend across several countries whereby increasing quantities of undesired waste components such as camping gas and laughing gas bottles end up in thermal waste treatment plants. Once in the furnace, the bottles may explode, which can cause severe damage to the grate components.

As a result, the grate bar may break, making it necessary to unexpectedly shut down the plant, with obvious consequences for the operator of the plant.

What has changed compared to the N46 series?
The crucial feature that sets the N53 Protect apart is its innovative protective grid, which is made of a more ductile material than the base body of the grate bar and does not break in the event of undesired, massive explosions. The grid keeps the bar in shape and position.

What are the additional advantages compared to the previous model N46?
The new bar type is approximately 20 percent lighter than its predecessor, and therefore easier to install, while offering the same degree of stability. The air gaps have been repositioned, thus optimising combustion air supply. The service life has also been further improved: Field trials conducted previously over a 2-year period did not show any jamming of the grate surface. This means that with the N53 Protect customers benefit from a further increase in service life and plant availability.

Ther N53 Protect is an interesting product upgrade within the N53 series. Thanks to its new product feature, which has been filed for patent, the N53 Protect sets new standards in terms of plant availability and is thus absolutely indispensable in particular for plants with potentially explosive waste fractions.